The CPP Process

Building Your Plan

You'll find that we do not rush the planning process. At our initial meeting, we get acquainted, discuss your current financial situation and describe our process. At the next meeting, we discuss your assets in more in depth and offer suggestions we feel can help you reach your goals, as well as developing an Investment Policy Statement that describes the plan in detail. With your approval, we implement the plan and begin monitoring your investments,making adjustments as needed based on your life changes, as well as changes in the markets.

Our Investment Philosophy

  • We are committed to achieving our clients financial goal with a focus on solid investment strategies and overall risk reduction. 
  • Comprehensive wealth management services for individuals and institutions.
  • Independent and objective money management, financial and tax planning services.
  • A focus on risk reduction while building wealth, and/or generating income.
  • Personalized asset allocation, investment portfolios & wealth management strategies.
  • Fee-Only investment advisors.

The CPP Investment Process

  • Thorough review of our clients financial situation in the context of their unique goals & needs.
  • Comprehensive analysis of all current holdings and creation of an individualized asset allocation plan.
  • Investments are continually analyzed and carefully selected to meet our clients objectives while reducing overall risk.

Manager Selection

  • Identify managers with superior long-term risk adjusted performance during bull and bear markets
  • Thorough statistical analysis and monitoring of investment discipline, style, tax efficiency and volatility.
  • Investment guidelines include outperforming the benchmarks with less volatility.

Preserving And Growing Your Wealth

Determining your risk tolerance and investment time horizon are critical steps when developing a sound investment plan. You'll find we excel at both, as well as taking into consideration tax implications. Only then do we build an asset allocation model and suggest specific investments. Whether you want to increase your wealth at an aggressive rate or are more interested in having a steady stream of income, we do the research and make suggestions in line with your goals.

Asset Protection

Capital Preservation Partners uses Charles Schwab as our custodian for our client's assets as having Charles Schwab as our custodian allows for 100% transparency as all account balances and transactions can be verified through Schwab and clients have the availability to view their account through their online login.

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